Boys & Girls Clubs Announces Youth of the Year Winner
and Runner Ups

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania recently held its 2009 Youth of the Year competition. The first place winner received a $1,000 scholarship and a $100 gift certificate; the runner up received a $500 scholarship and an $80 gift certificate; and the honorable mentions received a $200 scholarship and a $50 gift certificate. Pictured are participants (l-r) Markis Blackwell; first-place winner, Annaliesa Daubenhauser, runner-up; and Joseph Evans and Shane Webb; honorable mentions.
Celebrating at the event are (l-r) Laura Gentile; director of operations; Tricia DiBiasi Thomas; executive director; Markis Blackwell, first-place winner; and Devon Fawcett, guest speaker from Johnson College.
The Club members were judged on family, school, community and Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as personal challenges and obstacles overcome. Pictured are judges (l-r) Kevin Rogers, representing the Margaret Briggs Foundation and PNC Bank; Joe Peters, Boys & Girls Club alumnus; and Jerry Klein, board member and Gelb Foundation.