Lamar Advertising Joins Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPA
to Help Give Kids a Great Future

SCRANTON – “It’s 3 p.m.  Where are your kids?”

The community of Northeastern Pennsylvania will be asked that question many times in the coming months, as a new billboard campaign rolls out from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

It’s just one of several messages designed to remind local citizens of the important role Boys & Girls Clubs play in the lives of children during the non-school hours.  The billboards will appear courtesy of Lamar Advertising,who will post them for the Club free of charge.  

The messages are part of a nationwide initiative by Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to highlight the key issues affecting young people.

“Community-based organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPA has proven vital in helping kids graduate from high school, achieve a healthy lifestyle, and develop good character traits, which are the key ingredients to becoming a caring, productive citizen and leader,” said Tricia DiBiasi Thomas, Club executive director.  “We want this campaign to serve as a call to action to everyone who cares about children, our community, and the future of our nation.”

“The Great Futures campaign will raise awareness for the Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPAand the more than 4,000 other Clubs around the country,” said Tom Donohue from Lamar Outdoor Advertising.  “We believe all children – especially those who most need a helping hand – should have every chance to achieve their potential.  We are delighted to donate the space to deliver these messages to the community and help the Clubs generate much-needed financial support.”

The Great Futures ads are part of a nationwide partnership between BGCA and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) resulting in the posting of out-of-home messaging across the country in a variety of venues, including billboards, bus shelters, shopping malls, taxi tops and airports. BGCA was named an OAAA national public service partner in 2008.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of America is an organization dedicated to helping our nation’s young people and we can think of no better cause where we could lend our support,” said OAAA President and CEO Nancy Fletcher. “Our member companies are good community citizens and their willingness to post this campaign for free is just another example of their dedication to the community.”

Pictured are (l-r) Tom Donohue, Lamar Advertising; Julianne Cucura, Club development director; Tricia DiBiasi Thomas, Club executive director; and Jerry Mahon, Club secretary.