Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPA Celebrates
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania recently held its 9th Annual Joseph Van R. Clarke Thanksgiving Dinner.  Mr. Clarke was a former director and officer of the agency.  One of Mr. Clarke’s daughters and her friends attended the event.  Having fun during the celebration are Dayshawn Hogan, Colin Kelly, Kathleen Graff, Dee Clarke, Jonathan Cabassa, Anita Warren, Kaleef Boone and Shawn Thomas.  

Kiwanis Club of Scranton volunteered their time to serve the Thanksgiving dinner to Club members.  Pictured are front row l-r Kiwanis Club members Rosemary Broderick and Mark Lynn.  Second row l-r are Kiwanis Club members Don Broderick, Bridget Kennedy and Tricia DiBiasi Thomas. Third row l-r are Kiwanis Club members Deborah Peterson and Patty Calabro.  Last row l-r are Kiwanis Club members Nick Gianuzzi and Chris Casciano.

Eating the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is Club member Lilly Quicatana.